Buddy and Khalid Catch a High on New Song “Trippin'”

Buddy and Khalid catch a serious high on “Trippin’,” a new single from Buddy’s forthcoming debut album, Harlan & Alondra.

For the new track, Buddy recaps the effects of the drugs he’s currently using, describing kaleidoscopic colors he sees.

“I’m coming down Melrose/Running a checkup for cardio/Smoking Luigi eating that Mario’s/Ok then let’s see how far we go/Off the shits when I’m in the studio/Tripping on acid with Rufio/Minds turn into kaleidoscopes,” he raps on the second verse of the song.

Holding down hook duties, Khalid croons about getting intoxicated. “I’m sipping/Sipping got me twisted up/I’m living/Living got me tripping out/No feelings/Man those feeling got me flipping out,” he belts out.

Listen to “Trippin'” below. Pre-order Harlan & Alondra, which drops this Thursday (July 20), when you’re done with that.

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