CEO P Of Quality Control Home Burglarized While In Miami

Quality Control’s CEO Pee Thomas is more of the silent type when it comes to running his business. However, Pee opened up to IG after some robbers attempted to invade his home while he was away in Miami.

Via a video and caption on Instagram, Pee said “To The N***as That Came To My House Last Night. I’m Never Comfortable I’m All Ways In Safe Mode. You Better Off Going Up 85 Trying To Catch One Of The Loads Than Trying To Catch Me. I Don’t Sell Dope No Mo. Be Careful N***as I Heard Y’all Run Fast.”

The CEO noted that he is not one of the industry types who let those things happen to him and that it would not be smart for those people to come back to his crib.

Source : Vladtv