Instagram Group Post Boost Squad

WHats the move fam, I have some good news. After extensive research, Ive found a few tricks to get your posts seen by the majority of your followers on Instagram. This isnt a bot or a website or paid service. Its a real network of IG friends who work totgether to like each others posts as they go live.

Thats the real deal. You have to , more than anything else , get likes and comments on your posts within 8 minutes of posting content. Otherwise , only ~10% of your following ever see your posts!

After posting content, dont edit it. Delete it and start over , or go to ig post jail. Dont post a million things a day, its not helping. Dont post at weird hours , post between 1-10pm weekdays for best results.

So thats not too much I hope. For this to work , you will need to enable notifications from all the group members.If you see theyve posted something, like and or comment on it. It only takes 10-20 real likes and comments to boost a post into the main newsfeeds. If you want in come drop a comment or like on this post