Lil Yachty, Cardi B and Offset Take on All Challengers on New Song “Who Want Smoke?”


Big Boat puts on with a catchy chorus of, “Hotboxin’ in the whip (in the whip)/I don’t even smoke (smoke though)/But we drop tops and let it rip (skrrt, skrrt)/Pull up if it’s smoke (huh?)/With them big rocks up in her ear (word)/Chandelier (chandelier)/Can you hear? (Huh?)/Who that there?/Who want the smoke? (The smoke)/Who want the smoke? (Word).”

Bardi comes through with her biceps bulging rapping, “I-I-I hear shots comin’ on the low from hoes I’m higher than/This attention is so flatterin’ ’cause they’re admirin’/Don’t know what’s on their mind, but it should be retirement.”

Offset keeps it a little more G spitting, “Glock 40 in my coat/My bitch keep fire in the Chanel tote (fire, fire)/Suffocate him, hang him by the rope/Hot potato, bullet, let it go (brrt, brrt, brrt).”

Yachty is working on the follow-up to his Lil Boat 2 mixtape which might feature some EDM vibes.

Listen to Lil Yachty’s new song, “Who Want Smoke?,” featuring Cardi B and Offset below.

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