Meek Mill Speaks on His Case: It’s a Disgrace to Justice


Meek Mill took to Instagram to speak out on his case in light of audio taken of the attorney representing Judge Grenece Brinkley, A. Charles Peruto Jr., saying Meek deserved a new case. Peruto denied that it was him on the tape, adding, “If I said something off the record, it should not be on the transcript.”

Meek said that “almost every JUDGE,SHERIFF AND CLERK IN THE CJC BUILDING KNOW WHATS GOING ON BUT CANT SPEAK BECAUSE THEY CANT GO AGAINST THAT CODE! ANY EXPERTS THAT KNOW THE FACTS TO MY SITUATION KNOWS THIS IS A DISGRACE TO JUSTICE!” He then added, “If I can’t be freed how can a normal person without fame or money get out of this web when injustice happens?”

You can read Meek’s full post above.

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