ODB’s Family Legally Threatens Lil Wayne over ‘New Dirty Bastard’

Lil Wayne found himself in the crosshairs of Ol Dirty Bastard’s family after he was sent a letter warning him and Young Money to refrain from capitalizing off the late rapper. Apparently, Lil Wayne and Young Money filed to register “New Dirty Bastard” which raised a few eyebrows. The warning letter which came as a result of the filing explained that ODB’s estate owns “full right, title, and interest in and to the name and likeness,” and they believe “New Dirty Bastard” is a clear violation of trademark law. Moreover, they believe that Lil Wayne’s new filing could potentially confuse consumers and therefore have requested that all applications for “New Dirty Bastard” be rescinded.

The family has stated that they intend to release new projects and products under the ODB name and feel that Lil Wayne’s “New Dirty Bastard” could damage the potential success of their venture. ODB’s widow, Icelene Jones, stated that the family will not stand by and allow someone to cash in on the Wu-Tang legend’s name.

Source: theblast.com

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