Racist Ass “Permit Patty” 911 Call Audio Surfaces After Claiming She Only “Pretended” To Call Cops On 8 Yo Girl

UPDATE! And She Lost Her Weed Edibles For Pets Company TOO!

Previously, a woman named Allison Ettel aka “Permit Patty” went viral on social media and in the national news because she called the police on an eight-year-old black girl who was selling water. Ettel said she “pretended” like she called the police, but now the actual call has surfaced.

Via activist and writer Shaun King, audio of the 911 call Permit Patty placed was released. In the call, you can hear the woman trying to briefly inform the dispatcher of the little girl selling water before she was told that she was being transferred to the police department’s phone number.

Source VladTV