Dj Smuv Free Mixtape Slot Signups

whats good fam Im doing a free mixtape slot competition for the new Meek Mill tape im working on. Im gonna take the first 16 submissions you guys send in and we will have a public poll to vote who gets the free slot. Winners recieve a free mixtape slot, and the tape will be…

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Who Is #MakeYourOwnLane #MakeYourOwnLane was founded in August of 2016 By Dj Smuv (USA) and Dee (UK)  as a means to uitlize our fanbase in a way that benefits those fans as much as it does ourselves. We built a system to do our work we call the #defstar5 and we build our members fanbases and…

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Takeover Your Backyard | Building a Fanbase from scratch

building a fanbase

Guide To Building A Fanbase Building a Fanbase 101. So you tired of performing the open mic circuit? Done with rappin in front of niggas with they arms crossed , checking their fake watches wondering when its their slot to perform. Dont get me wrong, open mics are a great place to network with your…

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