Tay-K Named In 1M$ Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Iconic Soundcloud rapper Tay-K has now been named the shooter in a killing that took place April 23, 2017. Photographer Mark Anthony Saldivar was found dead in a Chick-fil-A parking lot. The mother of Saldivar who was only 23 years old filed a $1 million wrongful death lawsuit against Tay K and his estate.

Lucia “Lucy” Saldivar claims that Tay-K, real name Taymor Travon McIntyre, was in the car with her son and two other people, and he was robbed of his “expensive camera equipment.” The young man was allegedly forced out of the vehicle and he stood on the hood of the car to stop the three men from leaving with his valuables.

Once out the car it is reported that Tay-K then shot Saldivar killing him and then fleeing the scene.

This is the second murder charge Tay-K is on trial for and being charged with.


From hiphopoverload