Universal Major Label Distribution

So you need to get signed?

We are proud to announce our new opportunities for major label distribution and more! Why wait for a record deal when you can sign yourself? Eliminate the middlemen and get straight to your royalties. You can even use the logos on your projects too!

So what is this we do?

We set up your label under Universal as an imprint/sublabel. From there the major label will distribute your project digitally worldwide. Itunes, Pandora, Vevo, Spotify, Deezer and virtually any outlet that sells music is yours. Dont give up 60% of your royalties to Cdbaby or Tunecore etc. because you dont have to. You can get straight to the money and use the corporate logos on your projects just like the Major Independents do!

Streaming is the wave of the future, don’t be left behind by your competition. You need to maximize your marketing dollars and increase your return on investments. With our label services and knowledgeable staff, we can consult you on whats best for you and your budget.

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